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AC Repair: Things to Avoid When AC Goes Out

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In the summertime, some places can have unbearable heat. This is especially true in the sunshine state, Florida. We could just imagine your reaction when the heat comes in, and your air condition unit goes out. You can’t think properly. You’d also lose your patience in finding trained AC repair service Spring Hill technicians. In effect, you might be inclined to fixing your ac unit by yourself. Bear in mind that fixing (for homeowners like you) should only be limited to troubleshooting steps. If all of them fail, fret not. Fan yourself, drink a glass of water, and search over the internet legitimate AC technicians. They’ll come to your home to diagnose the root of the problem and eventually fix the AC unit itself as they’re armed with the right tools and know-how. For the time being, refrain from doing any of these actions:

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Opening the freezer

This action is paired with attempting to blow air with the use of a fan. At first, this can’t be too dangerous. But the longer the freezer door is open, the more likely its contents to melt. When the freezer starts to thaw, water will now start dripping. This smells danger as it might short out the same fan, you’re using to blow air. Staying nearby to this setup could lead you to injury.

Taking apart the AC unit

People would assume that taking the parts of the ac unit is part of troubleshooting steps. This can only hold water if the person responsible has a solid background on ac maintenance and its complex wirings. Otherwise, this is a myth that should be busted. Most certainly, people with no technical knowledge at all would haphazardly disassemble the parts just to curb their waiting time for the technician. This gives them no right to take this matter into their own hands. What people don’t understand is that ac repair companies arrive at their clients’ homes at the quickest time possible. It is encouraged for homeowners like you to be patient in waiting and be obedient in stopping the urge to dismantle the ac unit. By doing this, you’ll save not just money and time, but also yourself from future injuries.

Using a sledgehammer as an attempt to fixing the problem

Frustrations can get the best of us. It leads us to decisions that we’ll regret in the future. In the context of AC repair, one of the decisions that are fueled by frustration is using a sledgehammer. People think that sledgehammers are the best tools to repair ac units. We beg to differ. Nothing positive can result from such usage. For the love of your ac unit, just don’t. Okay?

Duct taping ac lines together after severing

The ac pipes and lines may have been sliced by weed wacker. Regardless of the cause, these pipes and lines shouldn’t be duct taped. Put away your hand and power tools. We understand that this can upset you, but they won’t do any good for you. Taping is an action that couldn’t yield positive results; worse, this could potentially break your wallet.

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